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Quotes about acceptance related to Advaitism.

When you accept everything for what it is without labels you are outside of your ego.

-- Eckhart Tolle in A New Earth (2005)

It will slow down by itself. The wish for IT to be different than it is, is the way it is, just as the wish for peace IS the restlessness itself. Accept everything; even the apparent inability to accept everything.

-- Leo Hartong in From Self to Self, pg 210

If the labeling of the mind stops for just a moment, it is enough to recognize that all conditioning, past, future, and the wishing for it to be different, is just a magic shadow show, with no more power than such shadows. You are the Clear Space of Awareness in which the dance appears, and like a mirror, you are never disturbed by what appears in it.

-- Leo Hartong in From Self to Self, pg 210

When we continuuously employ the remorseless judge to calculate and measure everything we do or are, we imprison ourselves in an existence of struggle, guilt, and suffering, trying to appease a god that is ourselves projected.

-- Tony Parsons in As It Is - The Open Secret of Spiritual Awakening, pg 62

So relax and let it all happen -- because it will anyway. The relief is letting go of this apparent inner voice, which is telling you how you should act or be. Just drop it now, right here. It's a fallacy and simply gets in the way.

-- Tony Parsons in As It Is - The Open Secret of Spiritual Awakening, pg 100

Oneness is immaculate, and everything that arises out of oneness is absolutely immaculate. It doesn't look it, to the mind, but it's absolutely immaculate.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 19

... everything that is apparently being done through everyone in this room and everywhere else is totally perfect as it is. It's totally appropriate, and it arises in awareness, which is definitely not self-enquiry. That's my point. Because nobody could ever do anything - nobody's ever done anything - that hasn't been absolutely perfect, in every way. It could never have been any other way. The whole basis of self-enquiry presumes that there is an individual choice to do something and get somewhere.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 26

Tony Parsons has to pay the bills and Tony Parsons can get angry. Tony Parsons can do anything and feel anything that anyone else in this room can feel. Anger arises. Boredom arises. Greed arises. It's fine! That's the game. That's the film that's going on, that's the drama that's going on. It is simply seen that what happens isn't happening to anyone.

But, for this (pointing at self), there's no more looking for anything else. There is a total acceptance and failling in love with simply this as it is, knowing that there's nowhere else to go. There is no need to go anywhere else, and there's nothing to chase. Life is simply being life.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 78

Nothing has to become anything else. No one in this room has to become any other way, has to become 'more perfect'. Nobody has to still their mind, nobody has to drop desire, nobody has to kill their ego. What's wrong with ego? It's part of the drama. It is the absolute, ego-ing. How can oneness become more or better?

So it isn't anywhere else. At the end of the afternoon, after three hours, you are not going to be anywhere nearer it, because there is always only this. And when you go home tonight and meditate for three hours, you're not going to be any nearer either ... Everyone in the whole world is in meditation. No one is nearer or farther away from their original nature.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 79

... if you really want to find, find it in this. No amount of meditation, no amount of stilling the mind, no amount of discipline can ever bring you one cubit nearer to what you are, because it simply reinforces the idea of seeking. It simply reinforces the idea that there is a 'me' that can find something over there. And anyway, there is nowhere to go.

Give up. Simply give up and rest in that which is already the case. It is the seeing of this; it always has been this, as it is. It's very simple, it's very ordinary - and it's magnificent.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 80

The idea that there's some way to behave is just nonsense. The idea that there's some way one should behave in order to reach something ... there's nothing to reach. The idea, the teachings that say one should be honest, completely honest with everyone; one should be serious about enlightenment ... It's so ridiculous because there is no such thing.

The magic key in a way is the dropping of the idea that there's anyone there who can find a magic key and that there's any magic key to find. You are that.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 83

You can't do anything, you've never done anything. There is simply this. Come to see that whatever is happening, right now, is just happening and there's no one there it's happening to. Just let that be there. Just drop that guy or that woman who's been running around and sitting on your shoulder and telling you how you should do things. Just drop it and sit there and feel like nothing. Just feel like nothing. There's nothing.

It's so immediate, it is nearer to all of you than you are. You're sitting there looking at this -- let there just be seeing. No one is looking -- let there just be seeing.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 84

Seeking is the continual denial of home. It's the most effective way not to discover that home already is; I am already that. 'No I can't be -- it must be over there. I've got to clear my chakras. I must go and see some master or other. I must still the mind. I must destroy the ego'. It's all nonsense; it's all saying this is not it.

It's not about observing -- it's about seeing. This is to do with words. For me, observation is a personal thing of the mind which looks at something and judges its value. Seeing is simply seeing what is, and that can be the desire, the longing for anything, the impulse. You can see the impulse to do anything; it can be seen. Everything is seen.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 86

... the mind will never find anything that's perfectly appropriate. Because the mind is always trying to get somewhere; there's always somewhere that the mind wants to get to. It lives in division, it lives in time. So in the world we see what seems to be division, and we live in that division of worthiness and unworthiness, or good or bad, or whatever you like. This is the immaculate conception appearing as the immaculate misconception. But as far as presence is concerned, everything is what it is.

It's appropriate to what you are, rather than who you are; or who you think you are. Because in the end, you see, nothing is going anywhere. Nothing has ever gone anywhere and nothing is going anywhere now. There is simply this. So nothing has to be different or become anything. No one has to be different or become anything. This is it.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 103

When there is no one, there is clear seeing. Everything is simply seen as it is. All the time there is a seeker, the seeker looks at what he thinks are objects in order to get something from them. So when he looks out, he looks out with arrows. When there is no one, then what seemed to be out there, instead of being out there, floats back into the nothing. In seeking there is a projection out. When there is no seeker, everything is seen as floating in and is accepted just as it is. It is what it is, and it is totally accepted by no one.

In the end, there is no sense of there being an individual who things float into; there is no idea of something being seen. ... When there is no oone, there is simply that unicity. There's no question of anything needing to change or anything needing to be better or worse -- it just is what it is.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 124

We expect there to be some sort of ... gift for us in what is out there. All the time we are looking for that, we are not seeing what is already there. Awakening is simply the dropping of looking for something. It's the dropping of the one that seeks. That's all it is.

And once that acceptance is there, there is also an acceptance of the character, the character in the play, the 'me'. There is an acceptance of this body / mind organism that walks around on this stage. It is simply seen and taken in, ... Once there is an acceptance of this character, then there is an acceptance of all the other apparent characters. It is seen that that is simply all the one manifesting.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 125

The idea that anything can be done about dropping the 'me' falls away, and what also falls away with it is the 'me'...

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 125

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 13

I had a wonderful experience this morning -- there was a sudden acceptance of 'me'-ing. There was real acceptance that 'me'-ing and twoness is superimposiing itself on the original unity. There was the feeling, 'I have been "me"-ing all my life, so why the hell should I change? It's a habit, just like smoking. Let twoness prevail if it wants to'. That kind of feeling was there. It was very relaxing.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 126

Certain characters don't fit in with other apparent characters, and there is nothing wrong with not liking or not getting along with somebody. When there iss a clear seeing, then not liking another character is accepted as what arises. But what you are is totally beyond that -- it is the one in which not liking a character on a characteristic arises.

There is nothing wrong or right with that -- that is what is happening. It is only the mind that thinks that awakening is about totally loving and accepting everyone. It is the mind's idea of what perfection should look like. We are not talking about perfection here. We are talking about clear seeing -- a total acceptance of what is, including not liking someone.

... after awakening ... likes and dislikes and preferences are not necessarily so powerful anymore. It just doesn't matter.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 128

... there is nothing to forgive and no one to forgive. Who is there to be guilty or responsible ... and for what? Nothing is happening.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 133

The mind gives up and takes its natural place. ... just to be a tool, instead of what it has been, sitting on the thrown apparently running it all.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 149

... there is no such thing as truth, really. It's part of the appearance. The appearance is that there is something called true and something called untrue. There is no truth and there is no untruth. There is only this.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 159

If find I worry a lot about how to act or respond in certain situations. I'm always trying to work out the best way to respond, to such an extent that my mind seems to lock and just won't function at all.

Only because there is no best way to respond - except in the mind. The character that you are will respond in whatever way that character will respond.

But also, go beyond that and see that however you respond, it doesn't matter. It matters to the mind that the right path is taken, but ultimately it doesn't matter at all. If there is the beginning of an opening to the realisation that it doesn't matter, then there is more of a letting go. There isn't that 'I've got to get it right!' You never got it wrong -- never in your whole life. Everything that has happened in your life -- from what you think of as a major event or a major choice down to every last little nuance -- has been absolutely perfect.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 163

The whole idea that you should be a certain way -- totally committed or utterly honest or very serious -- is just nonsense. Who is going to be serious? There is nobody in the whole of existence who has ever achieved that totality, simply because it is based on a misunderstanding. The misunderstanding is that there is someone there who can choose to be, let's say, totally dedicated.

... there is nothing to get into. It already is. It's not special. There is nothing that is special.

We have an idea that to make an effort is not it, or to feel separate is not it. In the end, the liberation is that everything is it.

Stop the idea that there is anything to do or that there is anywhere to go. This is it! There is a wonderful resting in that -- 'Ah! So we are there already!' And we are always here already ... Even if the thought comes up, 'This isn't it', then that's it. It is all just arising and you are the one that sees that.

What I also saw was not that we are forgiven our sins, but that we have never sinned.

... 'repent' actually means to turn around and see everything in a new way.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 164-167

What can happen here is that confusion can fall away, the confusion of 'I am this person and I have to become still. I have to still the mind -- I have to drop the ego ...' Why drop the ego? The ego is fine. The ego appears in this manifestation. The ego is the source, ego-ing. All those ideas like, 'I should be beyond desire -- I should be honest -- I should be detached, unidentified ...' -- those ideas are mind nonsense.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 168-169

When awakening happens, ... it is just the dropping of the idea that there is anything to do or any way to be.

How you are is it. How you are is what is arising. You are it. The way you are, your character, is it. It is beautiful just as it is. Exactly as it is. Those neurotic bits and pieces that you think are not quite right and the source being neurotic. It is divine, absolutely divine. Everything you do is an expression of the divine.

-- Tony Parsons in All There Is, pg 169

We're talking about a peace that surpases all relative knowing, so it is a peace that can coexist with whatever is happening in the manifest world. You can still have responses to things. You can still have likes and dislikes, preferences about how you would run things if you were in charge. But the underlying peace is recognition that you are in fact not running things; everything that exists in this moment is the perfect functioning of the Universe, not some accomplishment or mistake on the part of either the Universe or you.

-- Wayne Liquorman in Never Mind - A Journey into Non-duality, pg 15

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